Pain can begin for many reasons and can continue for months, in some cases for life.

Sometimes investigations will find no cause for the pain; however usually the cause is known but the pain may be difficult to manage, for example sciatica, neuropathic pain of diabetic neuropathy, and cancer pain.

In these situations pain is best managed by consultants with a special interest and training in pain management, usually a consultant anaesthetist. Pain management may be achieved with drugs or using interventional procedures such as joint injections, nerve blocks, epidurals etc.

Sometimes patients may benefit from the input of a physiotherapist, psychologist or other professional.

Pain Specialists at Nottingham Road

What happens next?

In order to be able to see you at Nottingham Road Clinic you will need a letter from your GP. Once you have the letter or the GP has agreed to write to us please contact us to make an appointment. Unfortunately we are unable to see any patients under the age of 18.

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Please contact our Clinic Manager, Maria Flint, on 01623 624137 or fill in the contact form below. All enquiries and bookings are handled in complete confidence by our Clinic Manager.

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