Occupational Medicine is concerned with the impact of work on health and health on work. 

Occupational Physicians help employers and employees deal with these issues. Employers may wish to have independent opinions and advice on fitness for work, timescales for a return back to work, adjustments to help support the employee in the workplace and also how best to fulfill their legal obligations to the employee.  In addition to these management referrals, Occupational Physicians help with assessing whether employees meet statutory or industry standards of health such as for Driving, Railway, Offshore work and Civil Aviation. In helping to prevent ill health as a result of work, we assist industry with health surveillance of workers, for example those on shift work or working with lead, vibrating tools, noise and ionizing radiation.  We also advise on health promotion and strategic initiatives to help improve the health of your work force. Occupational Physicians help determine eligibility for ill health retirement pensions and whether ill health has been caused by work [injury benefit consideration]. Senior executive health screens, pre-employment health checks, investigation of suspected work related ill health and audits of specific health related business concerns are some of the other services provided by Occupational Physicians. Further guidance for employees and employers on what to expect from an occupational health consultation is available at www.tophs.org.uk

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