Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes tingling or weakness primarily in your hand. Carpal tunnel release surgery is a short, simple procedure to help reduce pressure on the nerve and reliably eliminate the condition.

The nerve passes through the carpal tunnel, a canal in the wrist that also carries all the tendons of the hand. If the pressure rises within the canal, the nerve is squeezed and becomes trapped.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can happen at any age.  It can be aggravated by performing repetitive tasks with the hand and wrist such as computer keyboard and mouse use. One or both hands can be affected and symptoms can be worse at night, disturbing sleep.



Wearing a splint on the wrist at night can relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. Short-term relief can also be gained from an injection of a steroid. Using appropriate keyboards and trackball mouse devices while doing computer work can also relieve symptoms. However, if symptoms persist , the gold standard is surgical release to provide long term relief.




We offer a private Carpal Tunnel service to which you can refer your patients, or your patients can refer themselves.

The costs are as follows:



Option1 – £200

  • Consultation with surgeon


Injection – £75 

  • Injection if needed
  • Follow up post injection



Option 2 – £895

(in addition to the £275 already paid for option 1)

  • Consultation with surgeon
  • Surgery
  • Follow up post Surgery



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