Sometimes referred to as ‘the Natural Fountain of Youth’ for your skin, GLO PRP is a very effective alternative to a face lift without the need for surgery, stitches or scars.

GLO PRP is a natural, anti-ageing therapy that:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothens the skin’s texture
  • Repairs skin damaged by sun exposure
  • Improves the appearance of dry or dull skin.
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The main advantages of GLO PRP are:

  • It is a non-surgical procedure with minimal downtime
  • GLO PRP makes use of your body’s natural ability to regenerate itself
  • There are no risks of an allergic reaction, rejection or infection
  • It is a fast procedure, taking approximately one hour per session
  • The results are long-lasting
  • It is less expensive than a surgical face lift.

Which parts of the face benefit most from GLO PRP?

GLO PRP can be used around the eyes to reduce ‘crow’s feet’ or sagging skin. It can improve the appearance of ‘crepey’ skin around the nose and mouth. It is also suitable for other areas of your face, including the cheeks.

How does GLO PRP work?

GLO PRP is sometimes known as the ‘Vampire Face Lift’ because it harnesses the power of growth factors and bioactive proteins already in your blood. These are essential for the effective regeneration of skin tissue.

Dr and his team will carefully take a small amount of blood from your arm. The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in your blood will then be separated from the red blood cells in a centrifuge.

PRP contains a large concentration of platelets in a relatively small amount of plasma. When injected directly into your skin, PRP releases growth factors, which kick-start your body’s own ability to regenerate tissue and plump up the skin, so that you develop younger-looking skin naturally.

PRP stimulates other cells in the body, including the fibroblast cell, which causes your body to produce new collagen, so that your skin is repaired and rejuvenated.

Are there any risks?

Since GLO PRP therapy is based on your own blood, the risks of an allergic reaction, rejection or a transmissible infection are virtually zero.

How many treatment sessions are required?

Dr Vlok recommends a course of three treatment sessions at one-monthly intervals, followed by an additional session, three months later.

What results can you expect?

You’ll notice that your skin looks much more radiant and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines has been reduced. Your skin will be firmer, tighter and smoother.
GLO PRP slows down your skin’s ageing process. It is a highly effective treatment with proven results.

How long do the results last?

The effects of GLO PRP treatment can last up to one year or longer. To maximise the results, it’s important to take care of your skin with a daily skincare routine and a healthy diet, and to avoid smoking and tanning.

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