Dr. Jacobus A. Vlok is proud to offer the world-famous VASER Hi Def™ 4D body sculpting technique at Nottingham Road.

Using an artistic eye and combining technology with a knowledge of anatomy, he can sculpt your body into the form you desire, improving muscle definition to create an athletic look or enhancing the beauty of your natural curves to produce an attractive hourglass figure.

Dr Vlok was trained by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, a Colombian plastic surgeon, who developed the VASER Hi Def™ 4D Body Sculpting technique. After training, Dr Vlok worked with Dr Hoyos to develop his skills in the art of liposculpture. Dr. Vlok has now brought his immense expertise in this area to Nottingham Road.

What is VASER Hi Def™ 4D Body Sculpting?

VASER Hi Def™ 4D Body Sculpting is based on VASER Hi Def™ liposculpture, which is an advanced surgical procedure. It uses the most sophisticated skills in VASER® liposelection combined with an advanced knowledge of anatomy to create a defined and toned body appearance.

In VASER Hi Def™ liposculpture, small amounts of fat are removed from the areas surrounding the muscles to enhance the muscle definition.

VASER Hi Def™ 4D body sculpting adds an extra dimension to VASER Hi Def™ liposculpture, creating a more natural athletic appearance through dynamic motion of the muscles.

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What are the benefits of VASER Hi Def™ 4D Body Sculpting?

  • Muscles are clearly defined and look natural.
  • The skin on the abdomen has a tighter appearance after the procedure (this is not possible with traditional liposuction).
    It is a gentle technique, using ultrasound waves to melt fat.
  • Since VASER Hi Def™ 4D sculpting eliminates fat cells more precisely than traditional liposuction, the risk of fat returning is extremely low.
  • Some of the fat that is removed can be injected into other parts of the body (e.g. the buttocks or chest) to improve curves and muscle definition.
  • Post-surgical bruising, swelling and discomfort are minimal.
  • The risk of injury to the surrounding areas is low.
  • During the procedure, there’s a steady supply of blood to the treated area which promotes healing.

What body sculpting options are available?

There are two options for patients who wish to undergo body sculpting. At your consultation, Dr Vlok will discuss these options and decide which is most suitable for you.

The first option is VASER® Hi Def™ 4D, which is available for both men and women. However, it may not be appropriate for those without suitable muscle definition.

The second option is the Mid Def procedure. This is available for people who aren’t keen on having the full Hi Def™ procedure or aren’t able to have it.

The results of the Mid Def procedure lie somewhere between conventional VASER® Liposelection and the full Hi Def™ 4D technique. Mid Def is sophisticated enough to produce a healthy and athletic appearance.

When will you see results?

You’ll see results immediately after the procedure and further improvements will appear gradually over the next three months.

How long will it take to recover?

The recovery time is typically between three days and two weeks, after which you can return to your normal activities.

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