Who will carry out the treatment?

Dr. Bassi carries out all our procedures. He is fully trained and has many years experience in all our treatments. To find out more about Dr. Bassi visit our meet the doctor page.

How many procedures/treatments have they performed?

Over the past 16 years in the UK, Dr Bassi has completed thousands of successful procedures. As one of the busiest Vaser practitioners in the UK Dr. Bassi takes his time in assessing each and every patient before starting treatment.

Do they have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured.

What will be the cost of the consultation with the Surgeon?

The initial consultation with Dr Bassi is £30.

What will be the cost of the treatment or procedure, including any materials I may need after it?

Costs of the treatments vary. Depending on what treatment it is and your particular circumstances. Costs can be discussed with Dr Bassi’s patient coordinator to give you an indication. Only following consultation can costs be confirmed.

Is the treatment/procedure right for me?

This is something that can discussed and explored during your consultation. We will talk with you to find out what you need and why and let you know what you can expect. Don’t worry, we don’t flower it up, we just let you know the truth, so you can make the right choice from the facts.

How long does the treatment/procedure take?

Depending on what you are having done it can take a few days to a few months. This will be discussed in your consultation.

What are the risks involved?

Generally the risks are minimal, but it’s important you understand there are risks. Any risks involved with your particular procedure will be discussed with you during the consultation.

Do you have any ‘before and after’ photographs that I can see?

Yes. These will be made available to you during the consultation. You can view them and ask questions as they are all procedures Dr. Bassi has performed personally.

What type of care will I need after treatment/procedure?

All after care will be explained to you during the consultation and afterwards. Information sheets will be given out to you explaining what is happening and what you can and cannot do. we are also available at the end of the phone should you have any further questions.

Will I need pain relief following treatment/procedure?

Depending on the procedure you may need some. This will be supplied to you along with instructions for use.

If I need to see you in the period after treatment/procedure, will you be available?

Yes, we will see you for post operative reviews throughout your recovery.

Will you ask my permission before releasing my records, including photographs, to anyone else?

Yes. We do not show or discuss any patients treatments without first receiving their permission. we tend to find most patients are happy to give it, as they are proud of their treatment.

Would you like to know more...

If you would like to know more about how any of our procedures could benefit you; we're here to help, so feel free to get in touch.

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