Men of all shapes and sizes can suffer with man boobs. Affecting confidence and self-esteem, it can have a significant impact on quality of life, but the good news is it’s simple to solve and can be completed within 2 weeks.

What are ‘Moobs’?

Male chest, Man Boobs, Moobs, Gynaecomastia, Lax skin, Axillary fat (secondary man boob) Pseudogynaecomastia are all names for Moobs. It refers to a male chest that is more feminine in nature and shape. Once thought to be something that only larger men suffered with, it’s now apparent it can affect many different body shapes.


Treating man boobs is a simple procedure. I t consists of removing the fatty deposits through keyhole surgery, under local anaesthetic, followed by extraction of resistant pockets of fat and/or glandular tissue through the skin of the areola(nipple).
Occasionally there is some residual lax skin. This can be tightened without the need for excision and visible scarring of the skin on the chest.
Recovery is quick and mild exercise can be resumed after 2 weeks followed by full activity after one month.
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Causes of Man boobs

Most causes are idiopathic. I.E. there is no known cause. Other causes relate to fat tissue deposits or hormonal imbalances.


This common condition which leads to this abnormal growth in breast tissue is called Gynaecomastia. Occuring from birth or in puberty, the condition affects the gland tissue within the breast area due to a hormonal imbalance, resulting in the gland tissue becoming enlarged.

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The condition is caused by unwanted pockets of fat spread through the male chest area. These areas can be divided into three.

  1. The section behind the nipple
  2. The section below the axilla(armpit)
  3. The fat located immediately to the front of the arm pit.

If present it is important to treat all three areas or the result might be suboptimal.

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