Dr Vlok coined this term to describe a combination of Vaser® and Liposuction technology. This is used to remove specific areas of unsightly fat, such as under-arm folds and lumps under the skin.

Examples of Micro Vaser procedures

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Lipoma removal

A lipoma is a soft tissue lump under the skin, common in people aged 40-60. Lipomas are usually harmless but annoying and unattractive. They often appear on the shoulders, chest, buttocks and thighs. Micro Vaser treatment easily removes them.

Touch-up after previous liposuction

Liposuction removes excess fat deposits from localised areas. A touch-up may be needed to fix any residual fat.

Chin and Neck

Micro Vaser treatment can remove or reduce the fat around the chin, neck and jowls. Results are visible immediately after the procedure, leading to a very high level of patient satisfaction.

‘Buffalo humps’

‘Buffalo humps’ are formed by excessive fat around the back of the neck. These ‘humps’ may affect posture and look unsightly. They can be removed using the Micro Vaser technique.

Anterior axillary folds

These are unpleasant-looking folds between the outer breast and the arm. They can show when people wear tight clothes, sleeveless outfits and swimming costumes. These folds can also attract rashes in warm climates. A straightforward Micro Vaser procedure takes away the folds.


‘Cankles’ occur when there is no delineation between the ankle and the calf. Many women with ‘cankles’ avoid wearing clothes that show their ankles. This treatment is very popular and one of Dr Vlok’s favourite procedures.

Benefits of ‘Cankles’ Micro Vaser treatment

  • Immediate results can be noticed.
  • You can wear skirts, open shoes, and ankle bracelets afterwards.
  • The incisions are not visible.

The Male Chest (‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’)

Using the Micro Vaser technique, excess fat can be removed from several different areas of the male chest. These include:

  • Behind the nipple
  • Below the armpit
  • The anterior axillary fold
  • The mammary gland.

What happens during the procedure?

Dr Vlok applies a local anaesthetic to make the procedure comfortable and pain-free. He then uses Vaser®, which is a type of ultrasound technology, to make the fat into an emulsion. This is then removed by suction.

If the gland is present, it will be excised immediately. The Vaser® incisions are hidden, and they will be barely noticeable or not visible at all after a few months.

When can you return to work?

This depends on the type of procedure and how many areas are treated. In many cases, patients can return to work very soon after treatment, especially if they have had the Vaser® treatment in only one or two places.

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