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The Nottingham Road Clinic is pleased to introduce health assessments which provide you with the opportunity to detect disease and health issues in their early stages.  Our doctors have a special interest in preventative medicine and will be able to advise you not only on your health but also your lifestyle too.  No referral necessary.

What’s included?

Consultation with doctor

Physical examination with doctor (including breast examination for women and testicular examination for men)



Blood pressure

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Personalised medical report with recommendations

Blood lipids (cholesterol profile)

Fasting blood glucose

Kidney function test

Liver function test

Full blood count

Urine analysis (blood sugar and protein)

Faecal Occult Bloods (for over 50’s)

 Additional test

Oesophageal capsule*

Colon capsule (non invasive direct views of the gastrointestinal tract)* 

Female specific tests 

Mammography (over 40’s)*

Cervical smear*

Pelvic ultrasound scan*

Abdominal ultrasound scan*

Male specific tests

PSA (prostate cancer blood test – for over 50’s)*

Abdominal ultrasound scan*

*There is an additional charge for these tests – see price list for details.

Well Person Screen Specialists at Nottingham Road

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