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Ancient history indicates that reflexology, like many other complementary therapies, originates from Egypt, China and India.  Reflexology is a natural holistic therapy which treats the mind body and spirit and stimulates the body’s own healing powers aiming to restore balance and harmony to the whole body.  

Reflexology works by releasing blocked energy within the meridian channels. It is believed that tiny amounts of waste products such as lactic acid, uric acid and calcium are produced when messages are sent along the nerve pathways. This waste, mixed with toxins in the blood may become stagnated resulting in malfunction of nerve endings and poor health.

The feet can be thought of as mirroring the body, therefore organs and glands can be mapped onto the feet in areas known as reflexes.  Stimulation of these reflex points can bring about a response in the corresponding area of the body.

Reflexology helps the body to maintain a stable internal environment known as homeostasis, for instance, the temperature, blood pressure, fluid balance and hormone levels need to be controlled. Reflexology is recognised for its success in fertility treatment as well as reduction of stress, anxiety and pain relief.  It assists with the release of Serotonin from the brain, which is a substance that helps to lift the mood and is often found in anti-depressant drugs.

Research has shown reflexology to be effective for pain relief, headaches, infertility, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances and stress related disorders.

This highly respected therapy can be used to complement conventional medical treatment. A very relaxing therapeutic foot massage is given before and after pressure is applied to reflex areas on the foot.  Reflexologists will treat the whole area and do not generally concentrate on one organ or system reflex. 

Reflexology is suitable for most people, some will be more responsive to treatment than others but almost everyone can benefit in some way from reflexology on several levels - physically, mentally or spiritually.

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