Non-invasive prenatal testing

Genesis Genetics UK has developed the Genesis Serenity(r) non-invasive prenatal test using the licensed llumina verifi(r) technology.   The test is possible from 10 weeks 0 days of a pregnancy and is ideally booked with a scan at the same time or has had a scan recently to confirm the pregnancy.  It is one simple single tube of maternal blood that is then sent off to the London laboratory of Genesis Genetics.   This is a healthcare professional led test, so we at Nottingham Road Clinic, will take care of all the booking information, blood draw, scanning and sending of the sample – all you need to is phone and get an appointment that’s convenient for you.Genesis Serenity(r) screens for trisomies 21, 18 and 13, as well as sex chromosomes for monosomy X, triple X syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome and Jacobs syndrome with exceptional accuracy at 99.7%. Also working with clinical outcome data the combined trisomy reported positive predicted value PPV is 83.5% and negative predicted value NPV is >99.9% .  The Serenity test has the lowest reported test failure rate of 0.1%, so little or no need for any blood redraws, they get the result first time due to the robustness of the methodology.

Genesis Genetics’ dedicated, friendly and highly experienced team works in a CPA-accredited laboratory in London, ensuring exceptionally accurate results are delivered within 5 working days of receipt of sample in the lab.  Genesis Genetics UK provides genetic counselling to help support patients with knowledge for informed choices.   Non-invasive Prenatal testing of this kind is not yet available on the NHS so is currently only offered via the private sector.

The Genesis Serenity(r) test is part of Genesis Genetics’ portfolio of reproductive and genetic health solutions providing clear genetic information to assist healthcare providers and their patients in making informed health decisions.
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